Stop Leaving Money

On The Table

I help D2C brands & eCommerce owners achieve much higher profits with 3-Step Strategy of increasing AOV, clients LTV, and better retention.

Smart and effective increases in your client's lifetime value will bring a tsunami (champagne in the case of the pic) of profits.

How can I help your business?

If you want to stop leaving money on the table and improve your profits,

you need to focus on 3 key areas which are a MUST to have in place.

Lower your CAC

We all hear about lead gen. The truth is - that's the engine and lifeblood of every business (if you do it the right way).

In eCommerce this is more important than ever - especially where media buying costs are rising tremendously.

Increase your client's LTV

We all know that acquisition of a new client is 10x harder and more expensive than to keeping your existing client happy in a long run.

Learn how to boost your client's lifetime value through a few simple steps while growing your profit-margins.

Get your marketing automation in order

Everybody wants to scale their eCommerce store fast.

But only a few have locked in that constant cash flow with suitable marketing automation tactics. It's time to be one of them.

What Founders & CEOs Are Saying

Hiring Matevz as our consultant for online sales was entertaining and on the other hand little scarry - since getting out of our comfort zone haven't been really easy.

It has turned out that implementing his (never seen before) sales funnels and client-segmenting automation got us way ahead of our initial yearly forecast.

I'm happy to say that we got not only splendit results, but also great long-term accountability partner and a real "brother in Fatherhood".

Gavin Mckenzie


Matevz is top notch expert and one of most well-rounded professionals on the field of digital marketing I got pleasure to work with!

He always amazed me with his vast knowledge in digital media and ecommerce. We implemented numerous successful solutions, further driving both business success as well as best possible customer satisfaction.

Jernej Petrin

Internet Director, Studio Moderna

Matevz is an honest, no-BS person, easy to work with.

With his help, we immediately improved our email marketing metrics.

But more importantly, his deeper understanding of marketing and business enabled us to make better strategic decisions for the long term.

And now we are on the good path to grow quicker.

Jan Forsthuber

Co-Founder & CEO, DeltaHub

Matevz helped us set up the first funnel structure for our email automation and helped us establish flows that have shown significant improvement in lowering cart abandonment rates and acquiring new leads with lead-gen campaigns that were launched under his guidance.

He taught us how to write emails that can get higher open rates and click rates and how to optimise the funnel for maximising online revenue.

Tjaša Bračko

Co-Founder & CMO, Eggo


I’ve had the opportunity to gain some fantastic experience in the past 10 years of being active in the eCommerce & online marketing world.

Building experience

I've been building knowledge & experience for 8 years in a €500M/year omnichannel corporation.

As a regional digital manager, I've been responsible for eCommerce sales and KPIs in 7 CEE markets.


Since 2018 I've been implementing that knowledge in my boutique consultancy where I've been able to help more than 20 D2C brands.

I've helped to generate over €90 Million in revenue for those brands through performance marketing.


10+ years of experience in online sales and performance marketing.

Involved in 2.000+ marketing and advertising campaigns with multi-8-figure EUR ad spend.


I'm known by the "results guarantee" with my clients - you get serious results or you don't have to pay me. Period.

It's true and it converts very well ;)

Some of The Brands I've Been Helping

About My Services

This will probably sound strange since you are on a sales page officially (and I'm supposed to hardcore sell you my services), but let me tell you something I have learned through online customers and business itself in the past years...

In the long run, the most important thing in terms of business success in NOT marketing.

Yes, I know what I just wrote :)

It's not marketing... It's the ability to bring great value to the market. The way how your market feels about you, your company, your products or services and your brand.

It's similar to trust. It's trust in the person who is the face of the business.

Since I always like to give value upfront, I am 99% sure you'll enjoy our experience together.

(Cannot write 100% since you never know what that 1% of personality could be like.) ;)

Lets Work Together

  • Lower your client acquisition cost
  • Increase your client's lifetime value
  • Setup your marketing automation to do hard work for you
  • Stop leaving money on the table & increase that profit

Like this timeless piece of a watch in the pic (I bought it with my first earned money in my childhood - the year 1994), there is the same rule in business:

"Once you find something that works for you, don't change it."

If You Like Numbers


Years of experience

in online sales & eCommerce.


D2C brands and eCommerce stores that increased their profits with my help.


"Students" went from zero-to-hero and became advertising ninjas with help of my 1-on-1 class.


I have one happy wife and one sweet kid.

(Yea I know - that's the only number I can brag with) :)

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